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Architect's Vision for Journey at Pechanga

The land that we were given for the Journey at Pechanga was spectacular, but very challenging.

It was spectacular in terms of its natural beauty. The grandeur of the panoramic vistas, the rock outcroppings, the oak trees and the mountain itself is a rare find.

The challenge came in the form of rugged terrain and the preservation of features that were highly sensitive relative to the Pechanga heritage and culture as well as the natural environment.

Our vision focused upon the creation of a golf course that would highlight the drama and natural beauty of the unique site while preserving the sensitive features. Into this tapestry, we would weave the strategic aspects of the game of golf in order to evoke the spirit of competition, yet leave plenty of room for fun and enjoyment along the way.

As President of the American Society of Golf Course Architects, I am charged with the mission of creating golf layouts that "exhibit the highest standards and traditions of golf." The land and the people of Pechanga provided everything that was needed to make that mission possibl

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