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PR&C has the right to deny the use of our poker room to anyone who violates our Zero Abuse Policy. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. PR&C is not responsible for the conduct of any player, but will retain the right to refuse the facility to any player.

You must be at least 21 years of age to enter the poker room.

By taking a seat in any poker game, you are agreeing to abide by the rules of PR&C and to be bound by the decisions made by the floor staff and management.

Collusion with another player or any form of cheating will result in expulsion from the casino.

Only English may be spoken at the table while a hand is in play.

Bending, crumpling or otherwise marking playing cards will result in expulsion from the poker room.

Panhandling and loitering will not be tolerated.

Players may not use the phone while they are in a hand.

Players may not wear hoods while in the poker room.

Reading or listening to music at the table is permitted as long as it does not interfere with or hinder play.

Any player may call a floor supervisor over to a table at any time to resolve an issue however; once a pot is out of play no decision can be rendered by a supervisor.

Players are responsible for protecting their hands at all times. If you fail to protect your hand, you will have no redress if it becomes fouled or the dealer accidently kills it.

Playing out of a rack is not allowed.

Potting, passing chips to another player at the table, insurance, proposition bets and all other forms of side bets or chip transfers are prohibited.

Your chips may be picked up from the table and your seat sold if you accumulate three consecutive missed blinds (two in Omaha) or if you are gone from the table for more than an approved dinner break (you must request dinner breaks from a floor supervisor). If you are picked up, your chips will be placed in the cashier cage and you will be placed at the bottom of the wait list when you return.

Voluntary Pick-up

You may voluntarily pick up your chips after notifying a floor supervisor and be placed at the top of the wait list for that game, for up to one hour.

Third Man Walking Rule: If you get up from the table when two or more players have missed blind buttons, you are subject to being picked up from the game.

Table Changes: A table change to a game of the same stakes is not allowed if it leaves the previous table with fewer players than the game being entered, unless you are moving from a full game.

Seat Changes: Seat change requests will be honored in the order in which they are received. The request must be made to the dealer. If there is a dispute over a seat change, the player who has been in the game the longest will be granted the seat.

Must Move Games: In order to protect an existing game, must move rules may be invoked when an additional game of the same type and limit is started. The must move list is maintained in the same order as the original waiting list. If a player refuses to move into the main game(s) when it is their turn to move, they must quit that game before their next big blind. They will not be allowed back on the wait list or back into the same type game for at least one hour. A player moving from a must move game to a main game must move immediately unless they have already taken a blind, in which case they have the option to play off their blind and the button. In a “kill” game, the player must complete his/her kill obligation before moving. When moving from a must move game to a main game, a player must take all of their chips that were in play in the must move game.

Cards Speak: Cards placed face up on the table speak for themselves. Although dealers assist in reading hands to the best of their ability, players are responsible for holding their cards until the winner is declared.

Exposing Cards: Cards are not to be exposed prior to the completion of ALL ACTION.

Your hand will be ruled dead if:
You turn your cards face down and release them toward the muck.
You throw your cards into another player’s hand (whether they are face up or down).
You verbally announce that you are conceding the hand when faced with a bet or raise.
You have a “clock” invoked on you and you exceed the specified time limit.

Players will be asked to show Identification when using their Club card to make a purchase.

The decision of a supervisor or PR&C management is final.

Daily Poker Tournaments


Tournament Players: Please arrive early to all tournaments as seating may be limited.

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